Dear Friends,

Throughout the history of the Christian Church, sculpture and prayer together, have been an instrument for furthering and expressing one's spirituality and faith. This is one of the main premises behind the Holy Family Ministry. It is our hope that you can work with us on this program. Please allow me to explain the ministry and your potential role in making this a great success.

Timothy P. Schmalz, a Canadian Christian sculptor, created an image of the Holy Family entitled "A Quiet Moment." The sculpture sends a strong message of family values. This message is one that is greatly needed in society today. This has become the first image of our Ministry.

Rev. Paul Keller was inspired by the sculpture to write the prayer "God Bless Our Family" for a family to say together. This has become the first prayer of our Ministry. The small sculpture is a three dimensional expression of these words and acts as a "visual prayer."

It is the goal of the Ministry to inspire as many families as we can with this image and prayer. It is our intent to make these "visual prayers" available at wholesale cost. This will keep it in a price range that everyone can afford. These "visual prayer" sculptures can be made and delivered direct to any church. We want families to be able to obtain them at our wholesale cost. ($40 in USA, $40 in CDN, 40 in Europe)