Display the sculpture and prayer in a prominent location in your Church. The display model is free for any church that is willing to help with this Ministry. Once displayed with a sign-up sheet in the church vestibule or gathering place, this piece would show people what to expect and they could sign-up if they are interested in having one for their home. The church will collect for the units prior to delivery and we will simply bill the church for the entire order upon delivery. ($40 in USA, $40 in CDN, 40 in Europe)

Please make an announcement and put a notice in your church bulletin as well. After the church has had the piece displayed for several weeks and has given us the number of sculptures required, we will be able to fulfill this order within a few weeks. We appreciate orders in multiples of 4, as there are 4 to a case, and the Church may re-order at any time.

If 100 units or more of any combination of available "Prayer Sculptures" are ordered by a Church they will receive a free large scale sculpture of their choice in the same material! There is no time limit on this offer!

This is an opportunity to greatly affect people from within their own home. Community churches are the life blood of all day to day Ministry, so we are asking you for your support. I know that together we could help so many families with the powerful message and Ministry that these "visual prayers" have to offer. Please help us make this a reality!

In Christ,

Linda Bugarsky

If you would like to become a part of this ministry you may simply
E-Mail the Ministry directly at:

Alternately, you can call us at (877) 232-2203 (Canada and the United States).