Today and Everyday, let this quiet, tender moment of Our Lord's own family touch our hearts and change our lives.

God, bless our family. Make it like the family of your Son. May our moments of sorrow give way to seasons of joy. May the memory of harsh words fade before the warmth of a loving touch. May there never be pain that a kind embrace cannot lessen. May the tears of sorrow always be replaced by the music of laughter. May resentment be banished from our home and forgiveness reign in our hearts. Today and every day.

Let the only living thing that is stronger than the love that binds our family together be your love, O God, which makes all creation one. Let it be, God, until that day when your gentle guidance brings each of us to our eternal home and your loving arms. Amen.

Prayer: Rev. Paul J. Keller, CMF.

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